Vasylyeva1 T.V., Kovalenko1 S.G., Nemertsalov2 V.V.

1Odessa Mechnikov National University, Odessa, Ukraine

2Odessa regional academy of in-service education, Odessa, Ukraine

The problem of plant’ protection became one of the most important because of the modern development of production, strengthening economic connections and goods traffics, agricultural territories assimilation, broadening of different rank settlements boundary, and many other factors. All of that lead to cutting down the territories with rare and disappeared plants and considerably enlarge their quality. The aim of our work was analyze the presence of rare and disappeared plants in the Odessa’ region (Ukraine) and define of their protect status. Stated materials based on many years’ field investigations and analysis of rare and disappeared plants’ lists. We must indicate, that on the Odessa region’ territory there are number of species, which are under the threat of disappearing in the world (IUCN Plant Red Data Book, IUCN), in Europe (List of rare, threatened and endemic plants of Europe, EL), in the Black Sea shore (Black Sea Red Data Book, BSRDB), in Ukraine (Red Data Book of Ukraine, URB). There also guarded by Convention about the protection of flora, fauna, and natural surrounding (Bern, BC), Convention about International Trade by species of wild flora and fauna (CITIES), and are rare for the Odesa region [1-5].